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i don’t know exactly how the idea came about but one day three of my schoolmates informed me that they decided for me to take them to the highest slovenian mountain, triglav (“three-head”, 2864 m). we set the date in april.

and we realized the plan on the 27th and 28th june. aleš, mateja, manca and luka (aleš’s friend) picked me up in radovljica and we went to the starting point. i must admit it was my first time passing the mountain pass vršič (i’m really getting to know slovenia by hiking) and the first morning present: sheep on the road. 

we had no bigger problems with the walk and reached our hut in the early afternoon. and later went on a nearby peak, kanjavec (2568 m) but because of the afternoon fog had no good view. spent the evening playing cards and went to bed early. we headed for triglav at 7 am. reaching the top was also the top of the fun. i took a rope with me because there is a custom to “baptise” everyone who reaches the top for the first time. 

it was great fun and a real good time spend with schoolmates/friends.

and there is already a plan for our next venture!

photos by me and mateja škofič

4 July 2012

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